What’s next?

Happy Sunday everyone! It is very good to see you are still interested in the blog and in what we are doing at the moment. As you must already know our semester at the IPP (Instituto Politécnico do Porto) came to an end late June with our final examinations and project presentations. For some students,... Continue Reading →


Let’s sum it up!

Welcome back!  The end of June and the Summer’s start only remind us of how quickly this second semester in Porto passed. To properly conclude on our time in Portugal and slowly transit to a more relaxed time (considering the intense months of exams we’ve just had), we’d like to sum up all our many... Continue Reading →

Master thesis

Good day everyone and we hope you‘re already having a good summer time! The end of this second semester is approaching super fast and brings us one step closer to the end of this master program, which is also approaching way quicker than we had expected in the beginning of EMMaH in September. Our generation... Continue Reading →

Roadtrip in Portugal: ideas and advice

Hey everyone! Mid-June is quite synonymous for us with the (almost) end of a long exam period for all our modules here at the IPP (Instituto Politécnico do Porto). The end of the semester also rhythms with new possibilities to discover this amazing country and treasure our last moments here in Portugal. Therefore, in this... Continue Reading →

HAW application period

Hey everyone, We hope you are all well, while for us the last week of lectures in IPP (Instituto Politécnico do Porto) is about to start. This also implies that the 3rd edition of EMMaH students is about to be selected to debute in this study field in September 2019. That brings us to the... Continue Reading →

EMMaH’s first edition

Olà everyone! Hope you’re all having a wonderful time and already enjoying the first glimpses of “summer” in Europe with temperatures rising to 30 degrees. This week’s blog post focuses on the first edition (2017-2018) of EMMaH students. Indeed, as you must already know, the brand-new EMMaH program was officialised in 2017 and, therefore, the... Continue Reading →

Food Highlights

This Sunday, we’d like to talk about one of our favourite passions in life: Food! 🥘💕 Although at the moment we are quite busy writing exams, as well as preparing reports and presentations, we would never miss out on the food that the beautiful city of Porto has got to offer. Doing so, some hints... Continue Reading →

Being an Erasmus student

Welcome back! In this week’s article, we wanted to share our experience abroad and what it truly means to become an Erasmus student. Indeed, by participating to the EMMaH program, our fellow students also got the chance to become Erasmus+ students, which offers a lot of different privileges and profond enrichment. This article will present... Continue Reading →

International Meeting & Queima das Fitas

Hey everybody !  We hope you had a great week and that you are excited as much as we are about this weekend’s post, which concerns two different events that recently occured here in Porto.  During the past weeks, we were quite busy preparing the II International Meeting of Medical Technology and Healthcare Business at the Escola... Continue Reading →

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