The EMMaH’s application process

For the French students, as the month of March passed by so quickly already, it immediately reminded us of the stressful time we had in Lille at the same period last year. Our application process for the EMMaH program might differentiate from the German and Portuguese one, so that’s why in this week’s post we... Continue Reading →


Living in Porto

Nearly a month passed here and we are settling in very quickly and starting to feel like home already. In today’s post, we’d like to use that opportunity to show you our life in Porto in more detail. City facts The houses that you will find in Porto have a specific architecture, which is mostly... Continue Reading →

The HAW experience

While the EMMaH students are now all settled in in Porto and while we keep discovering this city’s treasures and our new courses at the IPP, let’s take the opportunity this week to remember our fabulous time in HAW Hamburg and the great opportunities we had been given throughout our study program. Erasmus life and... Continue Reading →

From Europe with love

EMMaH is a European master program. It is consequently ruled by EU regulations in terms of university fees and structural organization. Europe, in its globality, has changed immensely from our parents era and is now more accessible to anyone wanting to study, to work or to travel here. Throughout this article, you’ll receive two different... Continue Reading →

First week impressions in Porto

Studying in a different country definitely has a lot of challenges in regards to adapting to a new lifestyle and adjusting to new teaching methods. A new university means new teaching methodsFor us who freshly landed in Porto over the last week, a meeting had been planned with Sandra Rua, head professor of the EMMaH... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Porto

As a chapter finishes in Hamburg in Germany, another one begins in beautiful Porto, in Northern Portugal, where we will spend the next few months discovering and wandering around what already looks like a city full of charm. The European master program simplifies the studying in different countries as it is coordinated with the credit... Continue Reading →

What is EMMaH?

For you, there has never been a version of this universe in which you would not study or work abroad. Early on, it has become clear to you that you would someday step out of your comfort zone to experience what people describe as a life-changing adventure. If like us, the words Erasmus or Exchange... Continue Reading →

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