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  • What’s next?
    As the school year just ended, you might wonder what is next for the EMMaH students! Check out the article to get a peek!
  • 3rd’s Cohort 1st year: done!
    It was a blast! 3rd cohorts 1st year is over … check out this article if you’d like to get a little recap of this turbolent semester and our thoughts about it.
  • Exam Period @ ESS/Porto, 2020
    Third cohort currently has a quite busy schedule … handing in final reports, giving presentations on Zoom, working on case-studies and answering a ton of exam questions. You’d like to know more about the assessment forms and different modules thaught @ ESS in Porto? Then keep reading!

HAW, University of Applied Sciences
Explore one of Germans most vibrant cities – Hamburg, while deepening your technology and engineering know-how.

IPP, Instituto Politécnico do Porto
Get a taste of the Portuguese hospitality and level-up your knowledge about clinical applications in Porto.

Université de Lille
Enjoy the winter season in Lille, while learning more about marketing and healthcare business.
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