Assessment method in Lille

Good Sunday everybody and we hope that you enjoy the beginning of autumn with the amazing colour change of nature. Today we want to explain the assessment method at the ILIS (Faculté Ingénierie et Management de la Santé) in more detail. The chosen photos for this article show our explorations on free days where we... Continue Reading →


Food & more food!

Hey guys,  In today’s post, our aim is to talk about something that we are all concerned with, at least 3 to 5 times a day. Also, one of our favourite topics: food. Being in France, and specifically in Lille, is making us realise the immense variety and quality of the gastronomy here. From cheese,... Continue Reading →

Living in Lille

Nearly a month passed here and we are settling in to our new semester and starting various interesting projects in the university about marketing and healthcare business. In today’s post, we’d like to use that opportunity to explain you our life in Lille in more detail. City facts As you may know Lille is located... Continue Reading →

Our professors at the ILIS

Welcome back! 😊 Hope you had a great last week and weekend! For this week's blog post, we wanted to share more about who our professors at the ILIS (Faculté d'Ingénierie et Management de la Santé) actually are. After all, it's only because and thanks to them that this semester will be full of engaging... Continue Reading →

The modules taught in Lille

Bonjour! For this week’s article, we want to start to give you more details on the 3rd semester of our EMMaH (European Master of Medical Technology and Healthcare Business) program. So far, we’ve had two weeks of lectures during which we met our professors and got information on how the assignments and assessments will be... Continue Reading →

First week in Lille

Hello everyone! After a first week of classes and warm welcomes from our new professors at the ILIS (Faculté d’Ingénierie et Management de la Santé), we finally got the chance to discover the faculty’s facilities, classrooms, upcoming courses and overall environment.  First, a Welcome Meeting was organized on the 9th of September, during which the... Continue Reading →

Arriving in Lille!

The beginning of our 3rd semester will officially start tomorrow (09/09 at 16h), bringing along all the EMMaH students, who are slowly and easily settling into this lovely city. While Lille remains a completely new environment and city to adapt to for some of us, this 3rd semester also implies more of a "homecoming" for... Continue Reading →

What’s next?

Happy Sunday everyone! It is very good to see you are still interested in the blog and in what we are doing at the moment. As you must already know our semester at the IPP (Instituto Politécnico do Porto) came to an end late June with our final examinations and project presentations. For some students,... Continue Reading →

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