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  • Levelling up our French Skills
    What is the best way to dive deeper into the culture of a foreign country? No question: live there … and learn the mother tongue of its locals! Therefore the non-french speaking students of EMMaH have the chance to take part in a french course, solely organized for them by ILIS!
  • Back to school!
    Hey guys! Summer is over and it is time for the EMMaH students to get back to work with the new semester debuting this week. Check out the article to learn more about their getting-back-to-school feelings!
  • Traveling in Germany
    This goes to all the recently accepted EMMaH-students and the reader curious on what to do trip-wise during its time in Hamburg/Germany. In fact, Germany has plenty to offer, and in particular the beautiful north and area around Hamburg. Thus, go on reading in case you’d like to get some travel inspiration!

HAW, University of Applied Sciences
Explore one of Germans most vibrant cities – Hamburg, while deepening your technology and engineering know-how.

IPP, Instituto Politécnico do Porto
Get a taste of the Portuguese hospitality and level-up your knowledge about clinical applications in Porto.

Université de Lille
Enjoy the winter season in Lille, while learning more about marketing and healthcare business.
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